Our Tri-Ultra Cut Tap and Drill Sets come in different varieties of sizes and options. They range from 10 pieces to 18 pieces and are available in coarse or fine.

The Tri-Ultra Cut line of drills and taps will substantially outperform cobalt in work hardening stainless steel applications. Tri-Ultra Cut drills and taps are made of special hi-moly tool steel, which is much tougher than cobalt steel. The web on a Tri-Ultra Cut drill can be thinned considerably due to the toughness of this steel. A Tri-Ultra Cut drill with its thin web will penetrate the work-hardening stainless fast enough to continually cut beneath the chip, which is hardening from deformation. This means the drill is cutting softer steel.

Tri-Ultra Cut Benefits

  • Substantially longer cutting life: the nitro-carburized flute has an increased Rockwell hardness
  • Cuts harder materials: the flatter point takes a smaller chip. More torque is directed to a smaller area. This allows drilling in to materials with hardness of over 30 on the Rockwell “C” scale.
  • Stops drill walking: the split point design gives accurate starting without the use of a center punch.
  • Holds tighter hole size: the split point design is self-centering. This limits the normal oversize drilling characteristics.
  • Outstanding quality appearance: The rich amber gold color sets it apart from commodity cutting tools.
  • Runs cooler, uses less torque: 135° point takes smaller chip resulting in less heat. Friction is reduced by amber gold surface treatment.

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