How to Repair and Epoxy Coat Your Floor

From prepping your floors to applying decorative fleck, we cover all the steps it takes to get a great-looking floor. Our pre-measured epoxy patch makes filling cracks, holes, and chips an easy task.

How to Patch Concrete Floors

Have you ever had a problem repairing damp, oil-saturated floors? Extreme Patch is a pigmented, heavy-duty, high-compression strength epoxy floor patch that cures on damp concrete.

How to Repair Your Parking Lot

Learn how to perform parking lot, walkway, and driveway maintenance and repair in just a few easy steps. Fill in those pesky potholes, fix the small cracks, top coat the worn-out asphalt, and repaint your parking lines faster than ever.

How to Prep Concrete Floors Before Applying Coatings

Learn the different techniques to prep concrete floors prior to applying a patch, coating, or sealer. Proper preparation will ensure longevity and durability.

Benefits of Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Extreme Clean is a powerful industrial cleaning and degreasing product that rapidly penetrates carbon, grease, oil, grime, and dirt. It also contains Tri-Chem’s exclusive rust inhibitor and can be diluted 80 to 1 for everyday cleaning.

How to Drill and Tap with Cutting Tools

Our Tri-Ultra Cut cutting tools make drilling through stainless steel easy. They have a substantially longer cutting life and cut harder materials than cobalt tools.

How to Reduce Injuries with Safety Matting

Our Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting promotes employee wellness and reduces the strains and pains that come with prolonged standing.

How to Repair and Coat Your Roof

No one likes a leaky roof. Learn how to easily maintain any kind of roof and reduce heating and cooling costs.

How to Repair Metal Surfaces with Carbide Epoxy Putty

Carbide Epoxy Putty is used to repair metal surfaces and is ideal for substrates that require protection from abrasives. This product is great for use on coal chutes, storage hoppers, deflector screens, wear plates, centrifuges, extrusion fins, and mixing bowls, among other surfaces.

How to Mix 211

Learn how to properly mix Tri-Chem's 211 Polyurethane Coating Part A and Part B prior to using.

How to Apply 211

Learn how to properly apply Tri-Chem's 211 Polyurethane Coating using a lint-free roller.

211 Flexibility Test

211 Polyurethane Coating is extremely flexible and will not crack or peel. The actual substrate underneath will break before 211 does.

211 Durability Test

Discover the durability of 211 Polyurethane Coating. Even after being hit with a ball pein hammer, it does not crack or peel and remains flexible.

211 Anti-Graffiti Test—Spray Paint

Watch spray paint instantly disappear from the 211 Polyurethane Coating using just regular contact cleaner.

211 Anti-Graffiti Test—Permanent Marker

Watch permanent marker instantly disappear from the 211 Polyurethane Coating using just regular contact cleaner.