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At Tri-Chem, we don’t believe in being average, doing the bare minimum, or clocking out at 5 p.m. We love challenges, giving a little more than necessary, and sticking around to make sure your problem is solved.

We say “bring it on” when companies have a problem they think can’t be solved-because we’ve seen it all and our products have Repaired, Maintained and Protected it all! Tri-Chem is a group of passionate people that gets fired up about putting our expert guidance, field and time-tested products, and just-in-time delivery to work for the customer.

We don’t just sell products—we are experts at guiding our customers to the most cost- and time-effective solutions for meeting specific application requirements. We have the science, experience, and industry expertise to develop some of the best field and time-tested coatings and sealers, degreasers, tooling, and safety products on the market. The only products we offer are the ones that perform. Period.

Tri-Chem is an organization with a laser focus on providing complete solutions and top-notch customer service. Why? Because we are experts at Repairing, Maintaining and Protecting your Facility. It’s as simple as that.

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We've seen it all, we've developed products for it all, and we've fixed it all. Don't waste your time and money testing products only to find out they don't work. With our 50 years of experience and deep understanding of causes and solutions, we can solve your maintenance issue in a matter of minutes.

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