Question: “Our floor is always damp and contaminated with chicken fat, but it needs to be patched. Our problem is that we need a quick-drying floor patch that will cure in less than 8 hours that we can pour in expansion joints and not have to worry about troweling down. Any suggestions?” — Jim, Tyson Foods

Answer: “Tri-Chem’s product Perma-Fil Fast Patch will provide the cure time you are looking for. It is fast-curing and will be ready for traffic in 6 to 8 hours at the ½ inch deep measurement. You can use the Perma-Fil Fast Patch AB kit, which comes without the aggregate, to get the correct consistency for pouring. The Fast Patch kit will handle curing with moisture present, but will not bond through the chicken fat. I would recommend using a product like Tri-Clean Super to clean and prep the area before applying the patch.” — Mr. Chemist

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