Socks, Booms & Pillows

Socks, Booms and Pillows are available in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes to meet your spill clean-up needs.

Absorbent Socks can absorb the most non-aggressive, oil- or water-based fluids. They are available in various lengths to fit your small-spill applications.

Booms are often used for containing non-aggressive spills, hazardous liquids, and more. They are larger than socks and used for bigger spills.

Absorbent Pillows are available in three types: general purpose, haz-mat, and oil-only. They are great for under leak valves and hoses, soaking up big spills fast when a thin pad can’t get the job done, and soaking up oil from sumps, small ditches, cooling tanks, etc.


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  • Available in three types: General Purpose, Haz-Mat, Oily-Only
  • Pillows soak up hazardous spills fast when thin pads won’t do the trick
  • Available in a variety of sizes and lengths to meet your spill needs
  • Contains spills and stops from spreading further


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