Sees Proof: Anti-Seize Lubricant

Sees Proof is an anti-seize lubricating compound for use as a sealing compound on high-heat, high-pressure gaskets, hoses, hydraulic fitting steel, brass, aluminum, or rubber. It is used on pre-combustion chamber fuel injection nozzles, valve cages; for boiler fittings, face pate studs and man hole covers, stay bolts, stay tubes, burner assemblies, pulleys, and sprockets.

Sees Proof resists fresh and salt water on all engine and deck fittings and fasteners, etc. Sees Proof’s temperature-resistant formulation protects against galling, seizing, pitting, fretting, corrosion, and distortion of threaded, keyed, splined, or press-fitted assemblies. It allows tighter, more vibration-proof seals using less torque while making disassembly easier.


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  • Protects at sustained temperatures to 2100° F
  • Highly resistant to moisture, weather, chemical fumes, salt spray, and steam.
  • Allows tighter, more vibration-proof seals using less torque
  • Available in aerosol or bulk






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