Tri-Chem Rock DTM: Direct to Metal Coating

Tri-Chem Rock DTM is a direct to metal coating designed to bond to marginally prepared steel, concrete, fiberglass and galvanized metal. It provides high corrosion and chemical resistance for steel structures in marine and industrial environments. It can also be used as a tank lining primer and finish coat inside tanks holding fresh or chlorinated water, waste water, gasoline, crude oil, etc.

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  • Excellent adhesion to even marginally prepared steel with tight rust/sharp edges
  • Cures to a tight film with low permeability
  • Easy mix ratio
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Long pot life for easy dip and roll or spray applications
  • High solids
  • Contains rust-inhibiting Micaous Iron Oxide
  • Accepted for use in USDA/FDA inspected facilities


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