Insulated Safety Accessories

Insulated Safety Accessories include 7.5 KV PVC Insulating Rolls, Electric Insulating Protective Shielding, Type I Insulating Blankets and Accessories, Glove Inflators, Sleeves, Rubber Goods Cleaner, Glove Liners, Hot Sticks, Dielectric Boots, Switchboard Corrugated Matting, Arc Rated Harnesses, Safety Rescue Hooks, Ground Sets, and Voltage Detector Kits.

Tri-Chem’s experienced staff takes workplace safety seriously and can help you meet legal requirements with our extensive line of safety products and accessories.


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Our Insulated Safety Accessories include:

  • 7.5 KV PVC Insulating Rolls
  • Electric Insulating Protective Shielding
  • Type I Insulating Blankets and Accessories
  • Glove Inflators
  • Sleeves
  • Rubber Goods Cleaner
  • Glove Liners
  • Hot Sticks
  • Dielectric Boots
  • Switchboard Corrugated Matting
  • Arc Rated Harnesses
  • Safety Rescue Hooks
  • Ground Sets
  • Voltage Detector Kits


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