Gear Lube: Open Gear Lubricant

Gear Lube is a tacky spray lubricant that protects all moving metal surfaces from metal-to-metal contact. It forms a protective water-resistant coating to prevent corrosion in outdoor applications. Gear Lube provides an elastic retractable film that reapplies itself with each revolution or movement of the lubricated part. Gear Lube penetrates to set up and bond a Molybdenum Di-sulfide shield to parts, maintaining a cushion of lubricant between gear teeth and other friction producing surfaces.


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  • Forms a water-resistant coating
  • Heat resistant to 350°F
  • Absorbs high shock loads and extreme pressure
  • Prevents chipping and scuffing
  • Will not dry out, crack, or peel
  • Displaces water; prevents rust
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Tacky—will not fly off at high speeds; will not wash off
  • Adheres to surfaces even in hot, steamy atmosphere or under water
  • Dual valve spray provides either a fan spray or long-range pinpoint spray






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