There are many places where you don’t want weeds, but sometimes these pesky things are hard to control. Our weed killer is the perfect solution for you. Introducing Weed Begone Granular!

Weed Begone Granular is a non-selective herbicide for controlling a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses. Use on non-cropland areas such as fence lines, storage yards, railroad rights-of-way, around electrical sub-stations, and industrial areas. The application of 200 to 300 pounds of Weed Begone Granular per acre usually results in a non-productive condition for a period of a year or more. Duration of non-productivity is dependent upon rainfall, type of soil, and other conditions.

Weed Begone Granular Benefits

  • Non-selective granular herbicide
  • Sterilizes soil to prevent seed germination
  • Kills from the roots up
  • May be applied any time of the year (Maximum results when applying early spring when vegetation begins active growth. Sufficient moisture is necessary to carry material into the root zone of the vegetation to be controlled.)


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