Say goodbye to ice-induced slips and falls this winter. The arctic blast is winding down in many areas, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get hit again. Make sure you are prepared next time temperatures plummet. Our ice-melting pellets, Polar Pellets, remain effective down to -50°F.

Polar Pellets can be used to immediately melt snow and ice from parking lots, sidewalks, stairways, and anywhere ice and snow constitute a hazard. These ice-melting pellets generate their own heat to melt ice and snow immediately. They work 20-30 times faster than salt, and work in temperatures as low as -50° F. The effectiveness of our ice-melting pellets is a far cry better than rock salt, which is not effective at temperatures under 25°F. Polar Pellets remain active to melt oncoming snow and leave no white residue to track into buildings. A liquid version, Polar Liquid, is also available.

“As for safety, Tri-Chem offers a wide range of applications that keep my employees safe and productive. This time of the year Tri-Chem’s Polar Pellets are my best friend.” — David Demarest, Eaton Corporation

Polar Pellets Benefits

  • Generate heat to melt ice and snow immediately
  • Work 20-30 times faster than rock salt
  • Work to -50°F, where rock salt does not work at temperatures less than 25°F
  • Remain active to melt oncoming snow
  • Leave no white residue staining shoes or tracking into buildings
  • Will not harm grass or shrubs
  • Will not pit or etch concrete

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