Question: “I have a reoccurring problem with fuel storage tank rust. We have to paint these large tanks every other year because the rust eventually bleeds through. Is there something I can do to alleviate this time-consuming, costly, and repetitive maintenance problem?” — Gary A.

Answer: “You didn’t mention whether you used a primer before painting, but sometimes that unrelenting rust wins anyway. Tri-Chem has a product called Rust Converter. This product was originally developed for the oil rigs on the North Slope. These rigs suffer the constant ravages of the North Atlantic Ocean. Salt spray and constant moisture would take its toll on these metal structures. Rust Converter almost magically converts that iron oxide into carbon, leaving a polymeric coating on the surface. This black coating may be top-coated with a good quality oil-based paint or left as-is for years and years of protection from rust.” — Mr. Chemist

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