“Will Tri-Chem coatings stick to my painted floor?”

This is not a question we can answer easily. We need to know how long the coating has been down and what the makeup of the coating is. Even better, if you have a Technical Data Sheet from the current coating on your floor, send it to us! This will help determine if a new floor coating will adhere properly without removal.

The X-Scribe Test

The easiest test you can do right in your own facility is called an x-scribe test. Simply take an exacto knife or razor blade and scrape a 3″ x 3″ square on the floor with an X in the middle. Then take the stickiest tape you can find—packaging tape, strapping tape or duct tape—and put it across the X. Stick the tape down as hard as you can, then rip the tape off quickly. If any part of the coating comes off with the tape, it is not an adequate substrate for Tri-Chem coatings to adhere to. In other words, it must be removed before applying a new coating.

Keep in mind that preparation is the most important step in applying floor coatings. No matter how great the coating is, if you do not prep your floor properly, the system will fail.


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