Question: “We are a local bakery facility and one of our storage rooms is below ground. We have noticed that grease is seeping into our cinder block walls. Do you have a product that would prevent greasy walls?”

Answer: “We have the perfect solution! Our Oily Floor Primer can easily be modified to be used on vertical surfaces. Oily Floor Primer is used on surfaces that are contaminated with animal fat, cutting coolant, transmission fluid, and most other oil-saturated surfaces. This product has a low viscosity, is clear, and will cure under damp conditions.” — Mr. Chemist

Oily Floor Primer Benefits

  • Low viscosity
  • Clear
  • Will cure down to 40°F
  • Adheres to most oil-saturated surfaces
  • Cures under damp conditions
  • Used as a primer or a sealer
  • Used on floors and walls

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