Tri-Oil Stop: Oily Floor Primer

Tri-Oil Stop is an oily floor primer for concrete prior to applying epoxy topcoats. It should be used where oil and grease have been embedded into concrete to the extent that surface cleaning is insufficient to remove it. If this goes untreated, the oil or grease may migrate back to the surface and cause de-lamination of coatings, sealers, and patching materials.


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  • Compatible with all petroleum-based oils and greases
  • Penetrates deeply to tie up and lock in contamination, leaving a clean surface for patching or sealing
  • Prevents de-lamination of coatings, sealers or patching material due to oil/grease saturation
  • Preserves concrete
  • Single kit covers 200 square feet at 8 mils DFT
  • Master kit covers 1000 square feet at 8 mils DFT






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