Tri-Clean Super: Water-Soluble Cleaner

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Tri-Clean Super is a powerful, all-purpose, biodegradable emulsifier that releases instantaneous chemical action which rapidly penetrates grease, oils, grime, and dirt, and contains Tri-Chem’s exclusive Rust Inhibitor.

Tri-Clean Super can be used in parts washers, automatic floor scrubbers, power washers, steam cleaning machines, mop and buckets, or trigger sprayers to clean parts, floors, walls, equipment, machines, etc.


  • Super concentrated
  • Non-flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Acidic
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Non-Caustic
  • Safe and effective
  • Will etch glass if left undiluted





1 review for Tri-Clean Super: Water-Soluble Cleaner

  1. Tom Drover

    Does a great job cleaning on finished concrete , or coated floors. Removed tire marks, and scuffs, too!

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