Repair: Asphalt Patch

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Repair keeps your shipping and loading areas, parking lots, drives and walks in safe repair all year around. Instant repairs can be done by unskilled labor in any kind of weather—hot, freezing, wet, or dry. This all-weather patching compound can be applied directly from the container as is—simply tamp Repair into place with either the back of a shovel or a hand tamper and the repair is complete and immediately ready for heavy traffic.


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  • Will not stick to shovel, tamper, or vehicle wheels
  • Makes asphalt repair work a one-person operation
  • Use in any weather
  • Withstands heaviest loads
  • Repairs instantly and permanently
  • Ready for traffic immediately
  • No special equipment needed—a shovel will do the job
  • Prevents accidents






4 reviews for Repair: Asphalt Patch

  1. Jamie Adkins

    We use this outside in our parking lots and it works very good easy to use and stays put.

  2. Cecil Duncan

    We have been using this asphalt patch to fill holes in the employee parking lot and the truck drives. This product packs and bonds well even in thin sections.

  3. Dave Orcutt

    We have been using this material on or access road and main parking area at an industrial site for over 5 years
    We have tried cheaper materials available at the local hardware store and none of them even come close in quality
    The material is easy to use and holds up well, even in Wisconsin winters

  4. Kathy J Boston

    WE use this in our parking lot and works very well it fills the holes so that things are again level. YOu need to make sure the hole you are filling is dry and you need to tamp it down .

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