Heatcrete 3100: High Temperature Patch

Heatcrete 3100 is used for repairing, patching, or resurfacing concrete floors on or around furnaces, cast houses, iron cupolas, or other areas of hot metal spillage. It is fast-setting and ten times harder than concrete.

Heatcrete 3100 is resistant to linear change in extreme temperature conditions—less than 1% change at 3100° F.


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  • Remains functional at temperatures up to 3100°F
  • Heat resistant to linear change in extreme temperature conditions – less than 1% at 3100° F
  • Ten times harder than concrete
  • Coverage at 2.5 pounds of Heatcrete 3100 per square foot at 1/4″ thickness
  • Fast setting—30 minutes set time under normal conditions






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