Cannonball: Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Cannonball is Tri-Chem’s “just add water” multi-purpose cleaning system. This powerful spray and wipe cleaner combines powerful grease cutting and cleaning agents to eliminate problem soil.

This premium, residue-free cleaner offers a multitude of applications including: removing work station soil build-up and inks from table tops, counter tops, walls, and everyday grease, grime, oils, and lubricating compounds. Cannonball comes in a convenient .33 fluid oz cartridges that makes 32 ounces of ready-to-use product.

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  • Provides the cost savings of concentrate with the conveniences of RTU
  • Ultra-Concentrated spray and wipe
  • Removes ink marks from non-porous surfaces
  • Residue-free
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Heavy duty grease cutting
  • 12 qts. of regular cleaner=27 lbs. of weight vs. 12 Cannonballs=1.5 lbs. of weight — huge freight savings!
  • Bottle is recyclable






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