How-To: Tooling and Matting

How to Create Custom Workstations with Modular Matting

Modular Matting can be custom fit to create any workstation configuration and complete ergonomic flooring systems. They are available with and without drainage holes and with black or yellow safety bevels for easy cart traffic—perfect for any kitchen or industrial environment.

How to Drill and Tap with Cutting Tools

Our Tri-Ultra Cut cutting tools make drilling through stainless steel easy. They have a substantially longer cutting life and cut harder materials than cobalt tools.

How to Reduce Injuries with Safety Matting

Our Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting promotes employee wellness and reduces the strains and pains that come with prolonged standing.

How to Use a Concrete Prep Tool

Learn how to achieve the correct surface profile before installing carpet, tile, epoxy, or any type of mortar overlay system. These systems all require a clean sound base to bond to. Concrete Prep Tools will smooth out old, worn concrete.