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    Customer Stories

    We always love hearing from our customers. See what others are saying about Tri-Chem.

    “The first time I used one of Tri-Chem’s Tri-Ultra Cut drills I was genuinely impressed! Not only did it drill without burning, but it was in such good condition I returned it to our tool room for future use.”


    “Extreme Patch is the best product I’ve used to fill cracks and depressions in my high-traffic areas. It holds up to heavy forklift and waste cart traffic where other products have failed. Since I began using Extreme Patch, my injury report has been reduced by limiting wrist injuries from employees rolling waste carts over cracks.”


    “If I were to pick a product that I love, it would be Tri-Chem’s Z-Poxy. It adheres to my existing floor, has a fast cure time, NO odor, and most of all my salesperson is extremely helpful.”


    “I have been ordering Tri-Citrus Super for over a year now and I absolutely love this product. We clean all of our concrete equipment, work vehicles, and machinery with it. It has saved us a lot of time and money by switching to this cleaner.”


    “Tri-Chem’s asphalt patch, Repair, is one of those must-have products. Within a matter of minutes I had holes filled and a parking lot back in service.”


    “Tri-Tuff and Tri-Duro Mats have turned out to be a good investment for our company. They are the best mats on the market that I have seen. My guys love them.”


    “The Rust Converter I receive from Tri-Chem has been very effective. My team members greatly appreciate not only its ease of use in the hard-to-reach areas, but also the easy clean up.”


    “I use Tri-Clean Super not only on my TPO roof systems, but also mechanical equipment to aid in the removal of grease and oil products. I like it because it is user-friendly and environmentally safe to use, even around our landscaping.”


    “Fixing damaged concrete floors in a high-traffic cooler is a challenge, but with Extreme Patch I was able to patch the damaged floor and be back in service in a very short period. I made the repair over a year ago and it still looks great today.”


    “I think the best product that I buy from Tri-Chem is definitely the Tri-Ultra Cut Drills. I have been buying them for 12 years now and I love the product.”


    “We were facing replacing several insulated and Kemlite wall sheets. With Tri-Chem’s patch and crack filler we successfully patched them, greatly extending their life and saving us a great deal in replacement costs.”


    “We couldn’t be happier with the anti-fatigue matting we received. Tri-Chem went above the standards we were looking for, and we have received many compliments on them.”


    “Tri-Chem’s epoxy is amazing. I have a ton more applications for it and I can’t wait to use more. It is very easy to use, withstands a ton, and looks great.”


    “I have worked in the warehouse business for 20 years, and have been using Z-Patch Quick Set on freezer floors. It is the best that I have used yet and lasts the longest.”


    “The floor products that I have purchased from Tri-Chem over the last 12 years have always met or exceeded my expectations. You and your company are always working to make the next generation of floor products more durable and easier to apply.”