Coatings vs. Sealers: Train Your Staff!


In one 6-8 hour session we will show you to properly prep, patch, coat and seal vertical and horizontal surfaces.


We can train your entire staff on prepping, patching, coating and sealing—no limit on participation!


Tri-Chem is available to offer tech support, even after your training session is complete.


Our On-Site Training Program is only a one-time cost of $2,450.
Forget contractors—train your staff on the proper use of coatings and sealers

Our On-Site Epoxy and Urethane Training Program is an exclusive opportunity to train your staff how to master prepping, patching, coating and sealing floors and walls in just 6-8 hours!

Reduce downtime, eliminate external labor costs, and keep your production facility running smoothly. No limit on participation!

  • Identify problem areas
  • Properly prep concrete, metal, wood and more
  • Prep by shot-blasting, grinding or scarifying/milling
  • Achieve the proper surface profile before coating
  • Patch vertically and horizontally
  • Fill and eliminate concrete cracks
  • Coat and seal vertically and horizontally
  • Apply safety lines

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