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microdosing lubricant

Mist Ease: Microdosing Lubricant

Mist Ease is a high-quality, low viscosity vegetable-based oil recommended for use as a microdosing lubricant for machining ferrous and non-ferrous components. Mist Ease has a uniquely low surface tension that enables very small quantities to spread out and wet large surfaces very quickly. Combining this low surface tension characteristic with high film strength and superb lubricating properties gives Mist Ease the ability to product components with superb surface finishes at feeds and speeds not previously advisable.

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damp surface coating

Damp Surface Coating: Wet Area Epoxy Sealer

Damp Surface Coating is a two-component epoxy system suitable for use as a heavy-duty, industrial, protective, marine surface coating. It can be used in cold and humid conditions as well as areas that have damp surfaces. This coating has outstanding water resistance, excellent corrosion protection, exceptional flexibility, and unparalleled adhesion.

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