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Our coatings and sealers contain only the highest quality raw materials to give you a high-performing, long-lasting solution ideal for facilities with lots of traffic, harsh conditions, and chemical exposure.

Our product lineup features multiple environmentally friendly epoxies, top coats, primers, and sealers that are VOC-complaint and meet USDA/FDA guidelines.


100% Solids Epoxy

Z-Poxy is a super-strength epoxy coating and sealer for high-traffic floors. It is excellent for containment areas, especially when an acid- and chemical-resistant coating is required.

Use Z-Poxy to give old, worn-out floors a new abrasion-resistant surface that will stand up to acids, alkalies, solvents, heat, and cold to protect new floors from wear, spills, and damage.

100% solids epoxy

233 LV/MV
Low/Medium Viscosity Epoxy

233 LV is a water clear, 100% solids, 2-component, cyclo-aliphatic, low viscosity epoxy coating. 233 LV is a multi-use coating designed to provide very good abrasion and chemical resistance, UV protection, gloss retention, durability and workability for the applicator.

233 LV is used where a water clear or solid color thin mil “neat” coating is required or when a highly flowable, self-leveling body/broadcast or finish coat is required. Its low viscosity characteristic allows easy application and uniform application in thin, tight coats.

low and medium viscosity epoxy

Water-Based Hybrid Urethane Coating

144NF water-based industrial urethane coating can be used on almost any vertical surface! Tri-Chem’s 144NF coating and sealer was developed without the use of solvents. It has low VOCs, high-performing moisture barrier properties, and is impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant. 144NF is very easy to maintain, eliminates waxing, and reduces product labor costs.

Available in matte, satin, and gloss finishes, this water-based urethane coating can be used on just about any substrate, including: VCT, concrete, epoxy, tile and grout, wood, terrazzo, metal, dry wall, foam, rubber, fiberglass, and previously painted surfaces.

scratch resistant top coat

Coating & Patching Training

Save money. Eliminate contractors. Train your staff.

Our On-Site Epoxy & Urethane Training Program is an exclusive opportunity to train your staff how to master the art of prepping, patching, coating and sealing floors and walls in just 6-8 hours! Reduce downtime, eliminate external labor costs, and keep your production facility running smoothly.

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