Universal Studios—Harry Potter

Substrate: Urethane Foam “We applied 211G to ensure that the snow did not yellow from the intense Florida sun. The prior product yellowed. After more than 24 months the snow…

Industrial Bottom Dump Trailer

Substrate: Metal “Nothing sticks to the 211G, and after a few months of use it still looks as good as new! Not a scratch on it!”

Alexian Brothers Healthcare

Substrate: VCT, Vinyl Sheeting, Ceramic & Terrazzo “We have used 211 for about 10 years and have coated about every surface that can be coated. 211 has saved significant money…

O’Hare & Midway International Airports

Substrate: Terrazzo “211 saves our airports significant time and money by eliminating the frequent burnishing and buffing. Both airports love the new appearance as well.”

Nazareth High School

Substrate: VCT, Wood and Ceramic Tile “Since using 211 the school was able to eliminate an outside janitorial company used to maintain the floors, saving the school significant money.”

Chicago White Sox—US Cellular Field

Substrate: Split Face Block “The application was applied in the summer of 2012 and is not only protecting the surface from graffiti, but also protecting from UV damage.”

Walt Disney World

Substrate: Metal & Concrete “Hand oils, sweat, and sunscreen have no affect on these coatings. The increased abrasion resistance protects against the constant human contact to the coated areas.”

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Substrate: Fiberglass Waterslide “The coating has not lost any integrity after 36 months and has maintained its fresh new appearance while withstanding intense UV exposure, heat, and other environmental forces.”