Crack Gone Super: Crack Filler

Crack Gone Super is a premium cold application crack filler for asphalt and concrete sealing. Applied directly from the container without heating or mixing, Crack Gone Super produces a tough, flexible membrane which reduces water intrusion. It is used to seal cracks and joints on concrete surfaces, asphalt surfaces, and where structures meet sidewalks and/or driveways.

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  • Provides excellent adhesion to crack interfaces for long-lasting protection
  • Rapid formation of a surface membrane permits early use of treated surface without loss of Crack Gone Super through tracking or pick-up
  • Compatible with both coal tar and asphalt sealers
  • Can be applied while the surface is still wet
  • Ready-to-use—no heating
  • Can be capped and saved for later use
  • Coverage: 65 linear feet of ¼” wide x ½” deep cracks per gallon







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