How To Properly Mix 144 Urethane Coating

Learn How to Properly Mix 144 Urethane Coating

Tri-Chem’s 144 water-based hybrid urethane coating can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces, including: vct, ceramic tile, wood, concrete, epoxy topcoat, and more.

This two-component system is an easy-to-use, pre-measured kit. When mixing this product, use the entire contents of both A and B.

  1. Pre-mix Part A with a wooden paddle for two minutes. Do not use a high-speed drill motor as that will introduce air into the coating leaving bubbles on your surface. After mixing, pour into mixing bucket.
  2. Pour the entire contents of Part B into the mixing bucket with Part A.
  3. Mix Part A and Part B together for two minutes, then let it sit for two minutes.
  4. Pour the mixed coating into a large paint pan. 144 cures a lot quicker in mass, so if you leave the coating in the bucket you will only have a 30-minute working time. In a large paint pan, you will have a 90-minute working time.
  5. Apply with a 12″ or 18″ nap roller.


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