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    Roof Patch & Repair Aerosol


    Roof Patch and Repair is a portable, easy to use, thick black aerosol mastic coating that seals water leaks and fills cracks and voids on most roofing surfaces. Roof Patch and Repair...

    Rapid Patch

    PART #: RAP40P

    Rapid Patch is a special blend of refined natural minerals that can seek out, fill and expand to make a temporary plug for leaks in built-up roofs. The perfect product for repairing...

    Tri-Chem White Elastomeric Roof Cement


    White Elastomeric Roof Cement is processed with a special resin, titanium dioxide white pigment and special reinforcing fibers to make it a resilient, long lasting and durable patch...

    Tri-Cover I

    PART #: TRI05

    Tri-Cover 1 is a special blend of refined fiber fillers; a heavy bodied plastic cement of trowel consistency that dries to an extremely tough but flexible waterproofing membrane layer....


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    Tri-Membrane is an asphalt impregnated cotton membrane for reinforcing deteriorated roof surfaces and to repair roof seams, cracks, gaps around flashings, gutters, etc.


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    Tri-Pads are 3? x 5? asphaltic sheets that can be placed on most smooth asphalt roof surfaces to visually designate a walkway.

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