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    AcroGuard Roof Coating is an elastomeric copolymer liquid rubber coating modified for excellent elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance and exceptional weathering characteristics....

    Tri-Chem White Elastomeric Roof Coating

    PART #: TCWERC05

    Tri Chem White Elastomeric Roof Coating is a thick, rubber-like coating that expands and contracts with the roof. The superior reflectivity lowers interior temperatures resulting in energy savings.

    Tri-Chem Grey Elastomeric Primer

    2 products (click for details)

    Tri-Chem Grey Elastomeric Primer is a special blend of acrylic elastomeric resin, titanium dioxide and fiber fillers. It is a heavy bodied white coating that dries to an extremely tough...

    Tri-Cover White Latex Roof Coating

    PART #: TCWLRC05

    Tri-Cover White Latex Roof Coating is based on a newly developed synthetic latex system; two separate, rubberlike polymers; which increases flexibility, improves adhesion and maintenance of...

    Tri-Cover II

    PART #: TRII05

    Tri-Cover II is a liquid combination of Asphalt, Cellulose and Oils, blended by a special process making this a tough elastic material for coating new roofs and renewing the integrity...

    Tri-Cover II Aluminum coat

    2 products (click for details)

    Tri-Cover II AC is a liquid combination of Asphalt, Cellulose, Oils and Aluminum Pigments which is blended by our special process to make this a tough elastic material which, when applied...

    Tri-Cover II Aluminum Fiber

    PART #: TRIIFC05

    Tri-Cover II AFC (Aluminum Fiber Coat) consists of high quality oxidized cutback asphalt, nonasbestos fiber fillers and premium quality aluminum pigments which flake and float to the...

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