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    Perma-Fil Fast Patch

    4 products (click for details)

    Perma-Fil Fast Patch is a rapid curing , heavy duty, high compression strength floor patch for repairing and resurfacing damaged plant floors - renews and repairs damaged floors, fills...

    Quick Patch

    PART #: QP

    Quick Patch is a 2-part acrylic acrylate fast curing patch or leveling compound which is used to fill large cracks and depressions in severely damaged concrete from a thickness of 1/8?...

    Special Patch

    2 products (click for details)

    Special Patch is a 10 minute concrete mender for re-bonding cracked concrete and restoring the structural integrity of cracked concrete slabs. For use on containment area curb edge...

    Tri-Chem 923 Special Patch

    PART #: TC923SP

    923 Special Set is a high build epoxy and slope-to-drain mortar system which is installed at a minimum thickness of inch and more. 923 Special Set is designed to be placed in a door...

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