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    Heatbond 60

    PART #: HB60W50

    HEATBOND 60 is a combination bonding agent and patch having excellent thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness and strength at high temperatures. Ideal for aluminum furnace applications...

    Heatcrete 3100

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    Use Heatcrete 3100 for repairing, patching or resurfacing concrete floors on or around furnaces, cast houses, iron cupolas, or other areas of hot metal spillage. Heatcrete 3100 is resistant...


    PART #: RE050

    Recrete is a corrosion-resistant resurfacing and patching material for concrete, wood and metal surfaces, above or under water. Use for: restoring driveways, repairing plant floors,...

    Recrete II

    PART #: RE050II

    Recrete II Structural Crete is a non-corrosive, non-gaseous Portland Cement based product that provides high density, high initial and ultimate flexural and compressive strengths. Recrete...

    Tri-Water Plug

    PART #: TWP050

    Tri-Water Plug is designed to stop running water or seepage through holes or cracks in concrete pipes, tunnels, tanks, elevator pits and all concrete surfaces under hydrostatic pressure....

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