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    Cool Clean

    PART #: COCL05

    Cool Clean is a synergistic blend of cultured bacteria, enzymes, detergents and deodorants that removes organic materials that are responsible for sources of odors in synthetic, semi-synthetic...

    Klear Kut

    5 products (click for details)

    Klear Kut is a heavy duty semi-synthetic cutting coolant for machining of all steels and gives good performance with copper alloys. To eliminate the possibility of staining, copper...

    Mist Ease

    PART #: MIST05

    Mist Ease is a high quality, low viscosity oil recommended for use as a microdosing lubricant for machining ferrous and non-ferrous components. Mist Ease has a uniquely low surface...

    SDS Synthetic Drawing & Stamping

    4 products (click for details)

    SDS is a synthetic drawing and stamping compound suitable for drawing and stamping of all steels, aluminum, most metal and alloys. Also use for lubricating rubber coated or metal cables...

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