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    Belt Grip

    PART #: AERBG2

    Belt Grip has a high tack powerful pinpoint spray that can be applied to both sides of power transmission belts even while in motion. Treatment eliminates belt slippage, increasing...

    Double Lube

    PART #: AERDL2

    Double Lube is a high temperature and pressure lubricant that penetrates into chains, cables, and wire rope to deposit a wear-resistant coating. Use on conveyors, hoist chains, link...

    Gear Lube


    Gear Lube is a tacky spray lubricant that protects all moving metal surfaces from metal-to-metal contact and forms a protective, water-resistant coating to prevent corrosion in outdoor...

    Sees Proof


    Sees-Proof is an anti-seize lubricating compound for use as a sealing compound on high heat, high pressure gaskets, hoses, hydraulic fitting steel, brass, aluminum or rubber; for pre-combustion...

    Speed White Lube


    Speed White Lubes spray penetrates like an oil, then cures to a thick, water resistant grease. Use in industrial, marine, aircraft, automotive, farm, home or office areas. Speed White...

    The Cutter


    The Cutter is a synthetic lubricant effective in punching, sawing, machining, cutting, tapping, boring and grinding operations on all steel and non-ferrous metals. The Cutter not only...



    TE-2 Fluorotelomer is a multi-purpose chemical with superior lubrication and release agent properties for all metals, rubber, leather, wood, glass, and most plastics. TE-2 leaves a...


    PART #: AERTS2

    Use Tri-Slide anywhere sticking, pinching, adhesion or build-up is a problem, i.e. crane or equipment cables, snow removal equipment, ovens, molds, vending machines, locks, sliding...

    Wrench Ease

    PART #: AERWE2

    Wrench Ease is a penetrating lubricant for loosening nuts and bolts, and dissolving rust instantly. For use anywhere a light oil lubricant is needed. Other applications include frozen...

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