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    Absorb is a special formulation of granules which quickly soak up and absorb oil, grease and water from all types of floors, leaving a dry, clean, safe, skid-proof surface. Absorb granules...


    PART #: NEUP30

    Neutroacid granules quickly absorb and neutralize liquid acidic spills from all types of floors in acid manufacturing facilities, factories, machine shops, garages; anywhere acidic...

    Chem Oil-Away

    PART #: TRA18135

    ? Universal sorbent absorbs oil, solvents, coolants, etc. ? Eliminates the slippery sheen left by most absorbents. ? Dust free and removes stains from concrete.

    Corn Cob Crumbles

    PART #: TRA18140

    Can be used for spill cleanup of oil, grease, water and most non-aggressive fluids. Absorbs up to 4 times its weight - compare that to 1 times its weight for clay absorbents. Incinerates...

    Super Sorb Lite

    2 products (click for details)

    Tri-Chem?s Suber Sorb Lite does what other absorbents simply cannot do. Works in minutes, not hours, to pick up oil grease, fuels, hydraulic, pet urine, vomit?.any fluid. Has up to...

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