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Restroom Maintenance

  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing with Tri-Chem

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to keep your facility looking extra clean using eXtreme clean, Tri-Clean Extreme, and Cannonball Cleaner/Degreaser. eXtreme is the most powerful degreaser that rapidly penetrates carbon, greases, oils, grim and dirt. eXtreme also contains Tri-Chem’s exclusive rust inhibitor and can be diluted 80 to 1.Tri-Clean eXtreme is a powerful, all-purpose, biodegradable emulsifier that rapidly penetrates carbon, greases, oils, grime and dirt. Tri-Clean eXtreme is Butyl-based for superior all-purpose cleaning. Tri-Clean eXtreme is non-flammable, non-acidic, non-abrasive, and highly effective. Dilute up to 80:1 for everyday cleaning.Last, but not least is Cannonball. This powerful spray & wipe cleaner degreaser combines powerful grease cutting and cleaning agents to eliminate problem soil. Cannonball offers a multitude of applications from removing work station soil buildup and inks from table tops, countertops, walls, and everyday grease, grime, oils and lubricating compounds. The multi-purpose cleaner degreaser comes in convenient .33 fluid oz cartridges that make 32 ounces of ready-to-use product.