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Grounds Keeping

  • How to Repair and Coat your Roof

    No one likes a leaky roof; in this video you will learn how to easily repair and maintain any type of roof. Our products will also help you reduce heating and cooling costs. For a quick roof repair fix use our Rapid Patch, this is used to make repairs in any weather. Rapid patch seeks out the crack and swells rapidly into the crack or hole. Tri-Cover I is used to patch around roof flashing, stacks, skylights, or anywhere you need to seal gaps and cracks in the roof. Once everything is patched use our Tri-Cover II to create a rubber-like coating over the entire surface. Use Elastomeric Roof Cement on your metal and polyurethane roofs to form a watertight seal in cracks, gaps, or any other area you suspect is leaking. Once those areas are patched use our Elastomeric Roof Coating to coat the entire area. This product resists cracking and peeling from hot and cold. It will also expand and contract with your roof.