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Metal repair with Carbide Epoxy Putty

Repair metal surfaces with durable Carbide Epoxy Putty

Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to repair metal surfaces with Carbide Epoxy Putty. This product is ideal for substrates that require protection from abrasives. Some examples would be coal chutes, storage hoppers, deflector screens, wear plates, centrifuges, extrusion fins and mixing bowls. Carbide Epoxy Putty is a 100% solid, Novolac epoxy compound. What makes this product able to withstand abrasives is the silicon carbide that is incorporated into the polymer matrix. Silicon Carbide is second only to diamond in hardness and durability. Carbide Epoxy Putty is resistant to chemicals, impact, corrosion, abrasion and can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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