Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting Options with Tri-Chem - Tri-Chem

Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting Options with Tri-Chem

Reduce Strains and Pains Related to Prolonged Standing

Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning about two of the mats in our line of anti-fatigue and safety matting. First we have the Tri-Duro Mat. This mat is fire-retardant, self-extinguishing, and features a hard surface top. The top of the mat can withstand temperatures up to 3,000° F, making it an excellent choice for welding applications. Next we have the Tri-Mat II. This mat works great in wet or oily applications, and features closed cell construction. This feature eliminates absorption of liquids and fluids into the mat. Tri-Mat II is ¾” thick, has beveled edges, and is available to purchase by the foot.

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