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  • Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting Options with Tri-Chem

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning about two of the mats in our line of anti-fatigue and safety matting. First we have the Tri-Duro Mat. This mat is fire-retardant, self-extinguishing, and features a hard surface top. The top of the mat can withstand temperatures up to 3,000° F, making it an excellent choice for welding applications. Next we have the Tri-Mat II. This mat works great in wet or oily applications, and features closed cell construction. This feature eliminates absorption of liquids and fluids into the mat. Tri-Mat II is ¾” thick, has beveled edges, and is available to purchase by the foot.

  • Drilling and Tapping with Tri-Ultra Cut Cutting Tools

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning about our super premium line of cutting tools. Tri-Ultra Cut is available in twist drills, taps, reamers, core drills, dies and countersinks. Tri-Ultra Cut has a substantially longer cutting life and cuts harder materials than cobalt. Tri-Ultra Cut also stops drill walking and holds a tighter hold size. Tri-Ultra Cut tools will outperform your current cobalt or high speed steel drills, taps, and reamers.

  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing with Tri-Chem

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to keep your facility looking extra clean using eXtreme clean, Tri-Clean Extreme, and Cannonball Cleaner/Degreaser. eXtreme is the most powerful degreaser that rapidly penetrates carbon, greases, oils, grim and dirt. eXtreme also contains Tri-Chem’s exclusive rust inhibitor and can be diluted 80 to 1.Tri-Clean eXtreme is a powerful, all-purpose, biodegradable emulsifier that rapidly penetrates carbon, greases, oils, grime and dirt. Tri-Clean eXtreme is Butyl-based for superior all-purpose cleaning. Tri-Clean eXtreme is non-flammable, non-acidic, non-abrasive, and highly effective. Dilute up to 80:1 for everyday cleaning.Last, but not least is Cannonball. This powerful spray & wipe cleaner degreaser combines powerful grease cutting and cleaning agents to eliminate problem soil. Cannonball offers a multitude of applications from removing work station soil buildup and inks from table tops, countertops, walls, and everyday grease, grime, oils and lubricating compounds. The multi-purpose cleaner degreaser comes in convenient .33 fluid oz cartridges that make 32 ounces of ready-to-use product.

  • Metal repair with Carbide Epoxy Putty

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to repair metal surfaces with Carbide Epoxy Putty. This product is ideal for substrates that require protection from abrasives. Some examples would be coal chutes, storage hoppers, deflector screens, wear plates, centrifuges, extrusion fins and mixing bowls. Carbide Epoxy Putty is a 100% solid, Novolac epoxy compound. What makes this product able to withstand abrasives is the silicon carbide that is incorporated into the polymer matrix. Silicon Carbide is second only to diamond in hardness and durability. Carbide Epoxy Putty is resistant to chemicals, impact, corrosion, abrasion and can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

  • Cinder block repair with Nitro Patch

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to repair vertical and inverted surfaces with Nitro Patch. If you have cracks in your cinder blocks, or need a “pick proof” epoxy, Nitro Patch is the perfect product. Nitro Patch is a 100% solid, epoxy-based patching compound used to repair concrete, brick, metal, steel, fiberglass, wood and some plastics. It can be used on vertical or inverted surfaces, and will not sag or slide. Nitro patch is “pick proof” and can be used to build thickness.

  • Vertical Patching with V-Patch

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to repair vertical surfaces with V-Patch. If you have ever had a problem repairing vertical surfaces then this is the product for you. V-Patch is a 100% solids, Kevlar fiber reinforced epoxy-based patching compound that can be used to repair concrete, metal, steel, fiberglass, wood, and even some plastics. V-Patch was designed to patch vertical or inverted surfaces. It will not sag or slide, and can be used to build thickness. V-Patch is 100% solids with no solvents use and can be sanded, drilled and/or painted after full cure.

  • Epoxy Concrete Repair with eXtreme Patch

    Join David Chernow and Christy Winters in learning how to repair your floor with eXtreme Patch. If you have ever had a problem with repairing damp, oil saturated floors then this is the product for you. eXtreme Patch is a pigmented, heavy duty, high compression strength epoxy floor patch. eXtreme Patch cures on damp concrete, however standing water must be removed. It has a 15,500 psi compressive strength and withstands heavy, abusive traffic. eXtreme Patch absorbs vibration and shock without cracking and cures down to 32°F. eXtreme Patch is highly resistant to acids, alkalies, solvents, heat and cold.

  • How to Repair and Coat your Roof

    No one likes a leaky roof; in this video you will learn how to easily repair and maintain any type of roof. Our products will also help you reduce heating and cooling costs. For a quick roof repair fix use our Rapid Patch, this is used to make repairs in any weather. Rapid patch seeks out the crack and swells rapidly into the crack or hole. Tri-Cover I is used to patch around roof flashing, stacks, skylights, or anywhere you need to seal gaps and cracks in the roof. Once everything is patched use our Tri-Cover II to create a rubber-like coating over the entire surface. Use Elastomeric Roof Cement on your metal and polyurethane roofs to form a watertight seal in cracks, gaps, or any other area you suspect is leaking. Once those areas are patched use our Elastomeric Roof Coating to coat the entire area. This product resists cracking and peeling from hot and cold. It will also expand and contract with your roof.

  • Maintain your Driveways, Parking Lots and Walkways

    In this video you will learn how to repair and maintain your parking lots, walkways and driveways in a few easy steps. For those pesky pot holes use Repair, an all-weather patching compound which is ready for traffic immediately. Use Crack Gone Super to fill in small cracks, it produces a tough but flexible membrane that reduces water intrusion. Once all of the holes and cracks are filled use Top Coat to fill in the small hair line cracks and to give old, worn asphalt a new look. Then once your asphalt is looking new, use Road Line to re-paint all of your traffic and parking lines.

  • Prep your Concrete Floor Before Applying a Coating

    In this video we will cover the different ways to prepare your concrete floor prior to applying a patch, coating or sealer. Proper preparation will ensure longevity and durability. Use Steel Shot Blasting or Diamond Grinding to remove existing coatings, polymer overlays and deposits. An alternative option to prep your floors is to utilize either Bull Dozer (a sulfuric acid mixture) or Tri-Prep (an organic chemical etching process) to etch your floor. Once your floor has been prepped apply Tri-Oil Stop, a primer used to seal and lock contaminates in and prevent de-lamination of epoxy coatings.