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Ask About our Professional Flooring Installation

OUr commercial flooring contractors can get the job done

Call us with your biggest commercial flooring challenge and we’ll help you get it done. Our sister company, JAAVIS  offers turnkey commercial flooring installation. From epoxy manufacturing and customization through flooring installation, Tri-Chem and JAAVIS got your back. We offer an array of floor coating, epoxy and primer products and systems.

We understand the importance of keeping production up and running. Utilizing our commercial flooring installation services couldn’t be easier, saving you time and money.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:Commercial Flooring Installation

  1. Call us at 1-800-456-6255 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.
  2. Give us an overview of your flooring project and we’ll help you choose the flooring products you need and give you an estimate right over the phone.
  3. We’ll come out to install your floor anywhere in the U.S. around YOUR schedule.

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 It couldn’t be easier. Let the experts help you, we’ve been manufacturing and installing epoxy commercial flooring for over 40 years. No fuss, no downtime. We get the job done right the first time, every time. View our gallery of commercial flooring installation work and give us a call today.

Let us help you coat, patch or seal your commercial floor:

100% Solids Epoxy: We offer super strength coatings and sealers for high traffic floors. Our most popular product, Z-Poxy is excellent for containment areas, especially when an acid and chemical resistant coating is required. Use Z-Poxy to give old worn-out floors a new abrasion resistant surface that will stand up to acids, alkalies, solvents, heat and cold and to protect new floors from wear, spills and damage. The 100% solids epoxy can be customized to your needs and comes in 19 different colors.

Industrial Epoxy FlooringSlip Resistant Floor Coatings: Our EZ Grip flooring product is a post additive wax compound used to maximize the anti-skid properties of our commercial epoxy floor coatings. This unique additive has a particle size that is carefully controlled to produce a uniform, textured surface and it’s spherical shape allows it to “feel” smoother than other additives of this nature. Grip All is an anti-slip coating developed for use onslippery surfaces including tile, brick, metal, wood, terrazzo and concrete, indoors or outdoors. Use on concrete, walkways, gangways, stairs, ramps, etc.

Urethane: Tri-Chem’s Protect ‘N Seal is a penetrating floor sealer and conditioner that is highly resistant to abrasions, impact, acids, alkali, fumes, gases, oil, grease, gasoline, ink, fruit juices, cleaning materials, alcohol and moisture. Use to seal and protect terrazzo and concrete flooring against wear, stains, grease and extraneous moisture in one easy operation. Acry Gloss is a waterborne acrylic urethane emulsion designed for high performance uses where hardness, flexibility and abrasion resistance are required, and is recommended for concrete, quarry tile, terrazzo, brick and rubberized or synthetic floors.


Epoxy floor coatings

Low Temperature Application: The Tri-Chem Quick Freezer Seal is a two component polymer that can be used as a patching material or sealer. To use as a patch just add any dry sand or aggregate. Coverage is approximately 3 cubic feet per kit. Pot life is 1-4 minutes at 70°F so it is recommended that you work with one small area at a time. Ready for foot traffic in one hour and heavy traffic after 4 hours.

Floor Primer: Our Oily Floor Primer is a concrete floor sealer/primer for use on floors contaminated with animal fat, cutting coolant, transmission fluid, etc. Tri-Chem Novalac Epoxy Primer is a two component novolac epoxy primer in colors. Tri-Chem Novalac Epoxy Primer offers high solids, good substrate penetration and low odor. This primer reduces air release generation from the substrate when applying higher solids novolac topcoats. This will result in fewer surface imperfections in high build and self-leveling type coating. Tri-Oil Stop is a must use commercial floor primer for all oil or grease saturated concrete floors prior to applying topcoats. Tri-Oil Stop is a two component epoxy amine undercoating to be used in areas where oil and/or grease has become embedded in concrete to the extent that surface cleaning is insufficient to remove it. If untreated, this oil/grease may migrate back to the surface and cause de-lamination of coating, sealers or patching materials. Tri- New Floor Primer is a specially designed kit containing epoxy resins and an activator that, when mixed together, makes an excellent primer surface for Tri-New Floor resurfacer.