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Tri-Chem’s Epoxy Floor Finishes

The Problem

A large commercial heating and cooling company based in metro Detroit needs an industrial epoxy floor coating that can resist flame and tolerate water. And they need a way to get the coating into confined spaces. They asked us if we could develop the coating and a new delivery method.

The Tri-Chem Solution: 

We knew this company was doing groundbreaking work refurbishing worn-out commercial HVAC units. Refurbishing a unit is much more cost effective than total replacement, but the job isn’t easy. Air condensers are often located in confined, hard-to-access spaces making repairs to the unit and the surrounding area difficult. Institutions such as hospitals — a major customer base for this client — also have stringent material requirements when it comes to flammability and antimicrobial characteristics of anything going on the floors, walls or ceilings.

We were asked if we could create an epoxy coating that could repair cracks and level the floor around refurbished condenser units. They wanted a material that was:

  • Fire retardant
  • Could withstand large amounts of condensation
  • Packaged to fit into small spaces

We developed the flame- and water-resistant epoxy floor coating in six months. Plus, we eliminated half of the company’s application steps in the process. Previously, they were putting down four layers — a leveling epoxy, a builder, a non-flammable material and an antimicrobial agent. With our coating, we combined the leveler, builder and non-flammable characteristics all in one, leaving them with a much simpler, more efficient two-step application method.

Small spaces are no longer an issue for this company either. We developed a custom ratio packaging system for our epoxy floor coating using smaller three-and-half gallon buckets versus the industry-standard five-gallon bucket. All ingredients come premeasured at the perfect ratios — taking out all the guesswork and opportunity for error in the mixing, ensuring a perfect cure every time.

With Tri-Chem, the company received a premium epoxy floor coating, an error-proof, made-to-fit packaging system and a more efficient application method.

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