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An OFP with Vertical Cling

The Problem

A bakery down South wants an oily floor primer (OFP) that will stick to a wall. They ask us to develop a floor primer that won’t run and drip when applied on a vertical surface.

The Tri-Chem Solution:

Baking is a messy business and for this client our oily floor primer (OFP) was a perfect solution. The OFP adheres well to surfaces other primers won’t, it seals a floor very well and it’s easy to clean – what every bakery needs. This bakery loved our OFP so much that they wanted to put it on the walls of their clean room, but they were worried about whether it would cling to a vertical surface. We knew the primer wouldn’t cling in its current formulation, but we were sure we could find a solution in our test labs.

In just a couple days, after our coating specialists experimented with a number of different thickening agents, we developed an OFP that could be applied on a wall – no run-off, no drip.

The bakery’s clean room now has walls coated and sealed with Tri-Chem’s reformulated OFP for vertical surfaces.

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