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we’ve got the big brains to solve any of your flooring or cleaning problems.

Science counts. Experience counts. Listening to our customers counts even more. At Tri-Chem, we have combined science, experience and customer service to develop some of the industry’s best coatings, sealants and cleaning, tooling and safety products. Instead of patting ourselves on the back, we asked our customers to tell our story. Read on to find out what Tri-Chem Corporation is really made of.

How we do it (case studies)

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An OFP with Vertical Cling

A bakery down South wants an oily floor primer (OFP) that will stick to a wall. They ask us to develop a floor primer that won’t run and drip when applied on a vertical surface.

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Tri-Chem’s Flame-Retardant Epoxy Floor Coating

A nuclear facility in Indiana needs an epoxy floor coating that won’t go up in flames. They ask us to formulate a product that is flame retardant and won’t burn.

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