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What Makes Us Tick

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What’s our story?

At Tri-Chem, we don’t believe in being average, doing the minimum or clocking out at 5 p.m. We love challenges, giving a little extra and sticking around to make sure our products are top-notch and our customers are 100% satisfied, every time.

We say “Bring It On” when companies have a problem they think can’t be solved – always ready to dig in, analyze the situation and design a customized solution. Tri-Chem is a corporation that gets fired up about putting its experience, expertise and know-how to work for the customer.

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"Extreme Patch is the best product I have found to fill cracks and depressions in my high-traffic areas. It holds up to the heavy fork lift traffic and waste cart traffic where all other products have failed. Since I began using Extreme Patch, my injury report has been reduced by limiting wrist injuries from employees rolling waste carts over depressions and cracks that are now filled and smooth by Extreme Patch."

| Donald |